About Phil

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Phil Marc follows an all-meat diet. It is not that he loves meat (well, he does), but he has a very rare condition where his immune system gets really weak when he eats produce other than meat.

It all started when Phil turned 24. He got badly sick and he could not even get out of bed. When he was brought to the hospital and after several tests and medication, they still could not figure out what can cure him. Phil got better because of some medication but he was not very well. Until he read some stories of following an all-meat diet that cured some people of rare diseases and anxiety. He gave it a shot and have seen improvement as early as two weeks.

He may not have fully understood the science behind it, but he now does his own research and shares what he learns through this website, butcherbakerseattle.com. He also looks for people with similar stories and feature them to help his readers understand their situation better.